Groundedco is not just a clothing brand. It is a movement, a calling, and an action we are taking for this remarkable planet that is our home.

What has started as a t-shirt and has become a lifestyle movement. Inspired by the human connection we design collections to encourage the good vibration practices of living in gratitude, giving back, and choosing kindness.

Our mission is to inspire positivity, kindness, and connectedness with this goal in mind: may all beings everywhere be happy and free.


My Story

Meet the designer behind Groundedco.

Hello World! My name is Mariel. I am a native from Sunny South Florida. I come from a long history of working in the corporate world and of course burnt out by the corporate lifestyle.

I decided to focus on my family and true passion for mindful living and the ocean environment. The Ocean has always been a place where I have had an intimate connection with the most.

Growing up my family would plan trips to the beach and that meant a full day of playing in the ocean. I have always felt the passion and responsibility to protect it somehow. With the years my passion for the ocean and devotion to nature has only grown stronger.

It took a summer trip which is where it all connected and the birth of Groundeco happened. I’ll never forget I was sitting on a beautiful flat rock beside my sister in Cabarete, Dominican Republic right on the sand with the ocean in front.

The waves were going, wind was blowing, and my eyes were closed. We were meditating. Seriously what better place to disconnect and let go. I felt so connected to mother earth and at peace. I was Grounding and the rest was history.

Along came this vision of this magical movement that I could create starting with a t shirt.

With Groundedco our vision is to combine our passions and provide high quality, unique, stylish, and some ECO-friendly clothing, and to inspire others to do what they love while promoting a healthy outdoor lifestyle and spreading the ‘Stay Grounded’ way of life.

Stay Grounded